A war and strategy video game inspired by chess and the greatest civilizations in history. Warlords and emperors collide in gripping battles all against each other for the rule of Elysium, the mythical world in which the game is set.

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Take a look at the game!


Take a look at the most revolutionary war & strategy blockchain videogame.

6 players - Free for all

This is war, there’s no room for mistakes or sympathy!

Two modes available

You have the choice:
Free-to-play and Play-to-win.


Unique blockchain-based rewards are waiting for you.


Divine powers, unmatched devotion and overwhelming strength.

Each of these warriors carry their own story and a reason to be feared.

Powerful and ready to fight, they are just waiting for their commander to guide them.


Login bonuses, airdrops, NFTs farming and much more.

Our reward system is brilliantly integrated with blockchain. You will not just have fun, you will also earn cryptos.

Everything we design is centred around the user.